Action alert for PCS this summer


PCS has announced its strategy for fighting back against government attacks and will now start consultation on industrial action over attacks on the Civil Service Compensation Scheme (CSCS)

PCS action against cuts in redundancy terms

The Civil Service have not called a halt to the attacks on CSCS and will only engage in talks if unions sign up to the following:

  • CSCS terms will be significantly cut
  • The tariff will be reduced from one month to three weeks per year of service
  • The compulsory notice period be reduced to 3 months
  • The limits for both VE and VR exits be set at 15 months salary
  • An increase in the age at which employer runded access to unreduced pension age is available

PCS has refused to talks with preconditions and has agreed to step up the campaign to include political campaigning, exploring possible legal action and consulting our members over the summer as to whether they are prepared to take industrial action.

Industrial action against attacks on CSCS would need to run alongside our campaigns against cuts, privatisation and office closures. PCS have called for a moratorium in the light of Brexit of these changes and the new threats to amalgamate government departments

We would have to go all out to make sure we won any ballot, particularly if the new rules apply and industrial action would have to include both national action and targeted action and be a serious, sustainable campaign.

Relaunching the fighting fund and learning lessons from the successful disputes at National Gallery and National Museum of  Wales would show we were serious about fighting.

We don’t know what the government’s response will be but we need to be able to report back to the NEC in the second week in September with some responses from members.


Can we beat the Government?

Theresa May has so far been let off the hook because of the Labour Party coup and we need to support Jeremy Corbyn in whatever way we can. How PCS members can support Jeremy Corbyn

But the Tories are not a stable government. They already had to u-turn over academies in the face of strike action from the National Union of Teachers. And  Theresa May has quietly backed off the implementation date for Universal Credit

It will be a big task to win an argument about industrial action with all of our members and it is crucial that we all step up the campaigning with our members as soon as possible. We will need to make sure that we get leaflets and campaign tools from PCS as soon as possible.

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