The government is seeking to make further cuts to redundancy pay to, which will affect every civil servant facing redundancy, and introduce a lower cap on the total amount which can be paid out to an individual. The government is proposing to make huge cuts to departmental budgets over the next 4 years. Cutting redundancy pay is simply an attempt to make those cuts cheaper.

The PCS NEC has launched a campaign including the following:

  • Brief our parliamentary group to raise this issue through every political channel
  • Lobby the Labour party to ask them to oppose the changes
  • Organise constituency-based lobbying of MPs, linking the cuts in redundancy provision to the issue of office closures
  • Lobby the devolved administrations to support our position
  • Organise a petition against the government’s proposals to cut civil service redundancy pay
  • Approach the Cabinet Office for facilities for members’ meetings
  • Encourage members to respond to the consultation
  • Publicise our position in members’ and branch briefings, emails to members, through the PCS website, and the union’s journals.

Potential industrial action

The NEC agreed to convene a meeting of senior lay pepresentatives across the union to explore the possibility of a programme of industrial action should negotiations not produce an acceptable outcome.

Members’ meetings

The NEC also agreed to urge branches to hold members’ meetings to build support for the campaign, also using them as recruitment and organising events. Branches will be contacted shortly with further details.

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