Show refugees are welcome 19 March: United Nations Anti-racism Day

Copied from PCS websiterefugees welcome here demo

PCS is supporting the UN Anti-Racism Day on 19 March with demonstrations expected across the UK.

There will be major mobilisations in London, Scotland and Wales, organised by Unite Against Fascism, joining thousands in cities across Europe and around the world to say no to racism, Islamophobia, Anti-Semitism and the scapegoating of migrants and say yes to diversity and that refugees are welcome here.

PCS has a proud history of campaigning against racism and fascism and it is the union’s agreed policy to oppose racist and fascist organisations in our workplaces and communities. Our anti-racism and anti-fascism work carries a strong message that PCS does not tolerate or accept racism and fascism as it has no place in our union or society.

There is a major demo in London from noon – assemble at Portland Place, W1A 1AA for a march followed by a rally in Trafalgar Square.

PCS regional and national offices are organising transport, so contact your nearest office if you are interested in attending.

Get involved

Join the Facebook event, share it and invite your friends

Download the demo leaflet

Download an ‘I’m standing up to racism’ sign – take a picture of you holding it and tweet it @antiracismday

Tweet to #RefugeesWelcome #BlackLivesMatter

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