PCS Elections 2016 – re-elect a fighting, campaigning leadership

From PCS Left Unity website pcs left unity logo

We are writing to request that you nominate and support Democracy Alliance candidates in this year’s 2016 National Executive Committee Elections to continue to lead this union. Under the leadership of the Democracy Alliance – an alliance between Left Unity and the PCS Democrats – PCS has continued to grow in strength and reputation as a fighting, campaigning, democratic union.

The Democracy Alliance led NEC has campaigned tirelessly against the Government’s “Austerity” agenda of sustained attack – an assault on jobs, pay, terms and conditions, along with increased workloads and privatisation.Working together with members and reps the Democracy Alliance NEC has achieved negotiated settlements which have protected members’ interests, including protecting many thousands from compulsory redundancy.

If we are to have any chance of victory in the face of the attack on Civil Service Jobs, Pay and terms and conditions then a strong leadership with a proven track record is required. Only a Democracy Alliance led NEC has the analysis and strategy capable of achieving such a victory.

It is likely the current NEC will be challenged by right wing candidates, who are the discredited “moderate” grouping now re-branded as 4themembers. They want us to return to a do-nothing policy of bowing down in the face of the Government’s attacks. They have campaigned in the past for NO votes in industrial action ballots and some of their candidates have argued that we can do nothing to stop the cuts and suggested partnership with a Tory government! Any gains we have won under the most difficult circumstances will be under threat if they ever returned to power.

The right wing are undemocratic and weak. They tried to prevent Mark Serwotka from taking office as General Secretary after he won his first  election and spend more time attacking their own union than the employer and the government. Only a Democracy Alliance led NEC is committed to implementing Conference policy and building a campaigning, democratic union. Given the scale of attacks from the Government a strong determined leadership is crucial. It is therefore vital the Democracy Alliance is once again returned to lead the union and defend members’ interest.

We urge every Branch to nominate the Democracy Alliance candidates (see attached leaflet) for use in your branch. If you want a strong union, please do your best to get your branch to nominate these candidates.