Lambeth Library Occupation needs Solidarity!

The Occupation of Carnegie Library in Lambeth is now on day 5 and they need our support. See below for the solidarity statement from PCS Culture Sector and Show Culture Some Love. More information and Stella Duffy on how and why to support the campaign

Libraries up and down the country are threatened with closure. That makes it even more important that we support the fantastic resistance in Lambeth from all those in occupation and staff in Unison who struck last month. This is especially important now an eviction notice has been served with a court case due on Friday 8th.

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Carnegie Library Occupied!

Solidarity Message to Save Lambeth Libraries Campaign from PCS Culture Sector & Show Culture Some Love

Dear Comrades,

We are writing on behalf of activists in the PCS Culture Sector Group in support of the occupation of Carnegie Library in Lambeth.

We would like to send the most heartfelt solidarity to all the parents, children, librarians and library assistants and supporters, involved in this campaign.

We are full of admiration at your élan, your daring, courage and panache at running an intelligent, inclusive, dynamic campaign against the attempts by Lambeth Council…A Labour council note, attempting to put a price on knowledge, a cost on community.

The council claims that the two libraries set for closure will re-open in 2017 at some point. This is the same council that is currently social cleansing residents from so many working class estates and then selling them off to property developers. So, why should we believe them about the boroughs libraries?

As workers and activists in the culture sector, we are fully aware of the importance of a properly funded library service. A service that acts as the heart and lungs of the community and that lifts people up and expands horizons.

We hereto pledge to do all that we can to:
– Publicise your struggle
– Link it to other fights against library closures up and down the country-such as in Coventry and Sunderland
– Bring what supplies you deem necessary to sustain the occupation for as long as it lasts

We also support your call for Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell and other Labour leaders to go to the occupation to discuss with the campaigners what can be done to fight the Tories’ cuts. We know that solidarity works, last year we managed to win huge gains at the National Gallery in our fight against privatization because of the amazing support we received for our strike action

In Solidarity,

Clara Paillard, President, PCS Culture Sector Group,

Tom Taylor, PCS/Secretary, SERTUC Creative & Leisure Industries Committee-personal capacity,

Candy Udwin, PCS National Gallery

Floyd Codlin, PCS delegate to SERTUC Creative & Leisure Industries Committee

Tracey Edwards, PCS Culture Secretary

To add your name to this statement please email