How PCS members can support Jeremy Corbyn


Nec members supporting JC
PCS NEC members showing their support for Jeremy

The National Executive Committee of PCS is supporting Jeremy Corbyn to remain as leader of the Labour Party.

PCS members and branches can show their support too.  Download solidarity poster here

Support was decided at a special NEC meeting to discuss the outcome of the EU referendum, and was discussed further at today’s meeting.

PCS is not affiliated to the Labour Party but Jeremy Corbyn supports many of the union’s most important policies that affect the lives of our members. The attack on Jeremy is from all sides and is not just on him as an individual, but is an attempt to stifle his views –  socialist policies against austerity, racism and war.

Many PCS members both inside and outside the Labour Party have already been involved in campaigning to return the solidarity he has shown us in the past.  The more we do that in our branches, workplaces and local areas we are not just defending him but also the policies he stands for.

Theresa May’s honey moon may not last as long as she hopes and a victory for Corbyn will give a boost to the anti -austerity movement to step up the fightback.