Following our strike of 111 days at National Gallery I have decided to stand for the PCS National Executive Committee in the 2016 elections.

With PCS support our dispute showed that strikes work! Solidarity works! After the successful outcome of the strikes and my reinstatement, I would like to repay the fantastic solidarity we received by sharing the experience of the strike as widely as possible and playing more of a role in PCS nationally.

demoI hope that the elections for the NEC will allow for a debate about how we move forward in PCS and the wider movement to take on the attacks we face from all sides from this Tory government.

This is an important political moment. There is a growing mood for a real alternative to the austerity agenda, leading to Jeremy Corbyn’s election as Labour leader.

The desire for change is also reflected in the recent huge demonstrations against austerity, against Trident and to say that refugees are welcome in this country. We also proved that mood existed through the fantastic solidarity for the National Gallery strikes, reaching over 130,000 signatures and raising £180,000 for our strike fund.

Socialists can play a critical role in this political situation if we can help channel that mood into effective action that can win. We showed at National Gallery that combining the strongest direct action with the widest possible political campaigning builds the solidarity that is needed.

We can make sure that everyone who is fighting back gets the solidarity that can win. But we also need national action if we are going to take on all of the attacks we face.  PCS and other unions need to be giving a lead in arguing for national action and to develop a coordinated national fightback.

I have been an active trade unionist, campaigner in defence of public services and member of the Socialist Workers party for many years. 

I am a member of PCS Left Unity and am calling on PCS members to vote for the Democracy Alliance candidates.

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