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More than 5,000 people have on the UK government and parliament website calling for plans to be scrapped to close the department’s Sheffield office – costing 247 jobs.

Cameron and Osborne keep boasting about ‘The Northern Power House’ at the same time as cutting jobs and closing office.

Sign the petition here

PCS Culture Manifesto

Our culture manifesto is organised around the following key demands:

  • A fully, publicly-funded cultural life for citizens
  • Defence of free admission
  • Opposition to privatisation of services
  • Work with management in developing “greening” the sector
  • Achieving the UK, London and Scottish Living Wage as a baseline salary
  • Widening engagement with staff through their trade unions
  • Defending terms and conditions and seeking improvements
  • Promote the embracing of an equalities agenda in the workplace
  • Promote learning within organisations to facilitate career development and personal growth
  • Raise the profile of health and safety in culture workplaces.

Read our manifesto.

Celebrating National Gallery strikes

Celebrating 111 days of strike action at National Gallery and the amazing solidarity we received.

(Thanks to Clara Paillard President PCS Culture sector for the slide show from Show Culture Some Love conference – and for much much more!!)

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